Arrangements: A Survey of Utah Collage
Arrangements: A Survey of Utah Collage

Arrangements: A Survey of Utah Collage

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At its first formal beginnings, collage was a startling intermingling of “high” culture – still life oil paintings – and “low” culture – mass produced paper prints and patterns. The practice of collage – sticking or pasting materials to a flat surface – has been around for centuries and was a favorite medium of folk and outsider artists. However, the flexibility of collage was perfect for Cubists and Dadaists to explore themes of chaos, imagination, absurdity, and reality during the period of time following World War I. Later, collage and photomontage became the perfect vessels for Pop and Modern artists to depict themes of consumerism, technology, militarism, and excess.

The beauty of collage is that it is so flexible. It is accessible and democratic in the sense that the creation of collage is available to anyone, from schoolchild to seasoned artist. However, collage as an art form is still largely governed by the same principles as other formal art making – form, structure, color, composition, and movement all weigh heavily in the creation of artistic collage.

This exhibition combines collage works from the State of Utah’s Fine Art Collection, as well as artwork from some of Utah’s finest collage and mixed media artists. The Traveling Exhibition Program is a statewide outreach service of the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. For more information about this program, please visit our website at: The Traveling Exhibit Program is funded by the Utah Division of Arts & Museums and, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Sam Wilson
Jane Christensen
Journal Drawing #1
Stefanie Dykes
Bruce Robertson
Maury Haseltine
Oval Lover #123
Jim Jacobs
Trent Thursby Alvey
Preparing to Fly
Wayne Chubin
Liberty Blake
The Meadow After the Cl...
Bill Lee