A Living Legacy: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

A Living Legacy: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Dates: 11/11/2019 to 1/10/2020
Repository: Glendinning Mansion
Utah Division of Arts & Museums is pleased to present A Living Legacy: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month, an exhibition at the Alice Gallery highlighting traditional and contemporary work from some of the state’s finest indigenous artists. All artworks selected for the exhibition are acquisitions of the State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Collection.

November is Native American Heritage Month which celebrates, honors, and recognizes the contributions of the American Indian community.

Utah is home to the first state-funded arts council in the nation, founded in 1898 and now known as the Utah Division of Arts & Museums. State Rep. Alice Merrill Horne founded the agency based on visual art collecting, exhibitions, and educational programs. Since that time, the state has continued to acquire artworks with the goal of supporting the careers of Utah artists and building a collection of the state’s artistic heritage. The Fine Art Collection now includes over 1,500 works of art in addition to actively maintained Public Art and Folk Art collections.

Artists include: Harold Begaye, Anderson Black, Vera Charles, Stella Eyetoo, Maxine Manning, Robert Maryboy, Rios Pacheco, Evelyn Pete, Katherine Poleviyaoma, Elsie Stone Holiday, Rena Tahy Juan, Jachelle Yazzie, and Matthew Yellowman

Rena Tahy Juan
Carved Man and Woman wi...
Elsie Stone Holiday
Changing Woman Basket
Elsie Stone Holiday
Cubist Bison
Evelyn Pete
Goshute Newborn Cradleb...
Jachelle Yazzie
Luminous Sunshine
Matthew Yellowman
Navajo Roadrunner
Maxine Manning
Northern Ute Beaded Que...
Vera Charles
Paiute Necklace
Harold Begaye
Racing the Sun
Katherine Poleviyaoma
Rain Drop Blessed By Su...
Robert Maryboy
Spider Woman and the Tw...
Robert Maryboy
The Spirit at Shiprock