Antenna I & II
Antenna I & II

State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Computer-Generated Print On Paper

Ink jet print in two parts

34 x 28 (each)




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This piece was mentioned in an essay about my work and I think it does a good job in describing it: "Everett sometimes points to a human subjectivity or presence that initially seem devoid of such. Two photographs of a rooftop antenna appear identical at first glance. However, from one photo to the next, a slight pan to the right occurred: in the second image, we see a larger section of sky on the right side of the antenna. Everett refers to this piece as a 'two frame movie,' as two frames are all that is required to create the impression of movement and elapsed time. What the piece also suggests is a trajectory of vision corresponding to a human subject, perhaps to the person behind the camera.