Brigham Street
Brigham Street

State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas




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This mural depicts strolling pedestrians amidst the traffic of Brigham Street (now known as South Temple St.) in the block between Main and State Streets, Salt Lake City, circa 1855-1865. The mural is divided into four vignettes: on the left are a small group of men and women conversing and a pair of women with a young girl strolling outside the south wall of Temple Square; to the right is a man and a woman with a young boy and dog watching the stagecoach roll into town; next is a group of five men and women looking up to the mountains above City Creek Canyon; on the far right is a man with two women, a baby in a stroller, and a young girl with her rolling hoop toy standing aside to make way for man driving past in an oxcart. The background is a northeast view to the mountains above Salt Lake City with historic city buildings, including the Deseret Store, the Beehive and Lion Houses, and Eagle Gate.