Dates: 1/20/2017 to 3/3/2017
Repository: Glendinning Mansion
Collect, a collaboration between the Utah Division of Arts & Museums and the Salt Lake County Public Art Program, exhibits the recent and contemporary art acquisitions of both agencies. Utah is home to the first state-funded arts council in the nation created in 1898. Representative Alice Merrill Horne founded the agency - now known as the Utah Division of Arts & Museums - based on visual art collecting, exhibitions, and educational programs.The State of Utah continues to acquire artworks to support the careers of Utah artists and build a collection of Utah’s artistic heritage. The Fine Art Collection now includes over 1,400 works of art. Additionally, the Division actively maintains Public Art and Folk Art collections.

The Salt Lake County Art collection began in 1985, as part of the Percent-for-Art legislative mandate, to furnish the newly constructed County Government Buildings on 2100 South State Street with art. Since that time works have continued to be acquired through annual purchases and donations. The Salt Lake County Art Collection is an eclectic collection of over 600 works of art exhibited throughout Salt Lake County-owned facilities. What brings the collection together is Utah; each artist has lived or worked in Utah, or is currently working in Utah.  

Work from the State Collection includes artists Trent Alvey, Kevin Kehoe, Ruby Chacon, John Bell, Daniel Everett, Lenka Konopasek, Jean Arnold, and others. These works have yet to be shown in public venues since their acquisition. They range from the 1980s to present day and include paintings, photographs, and mixed-media works. Works from the County include artists John Owen Erickson, Namon Bills, Wendy Chidester, Don Doxey, Brad Greenwell, John O’Connell, Beth Krensky, and Jody Plant, among others.

Work picture online at this site only contain images from the State of Utah Fine Art Collection.

Ruby Chacon
Jim Williams
Camping the Colorado
Trent Thursby Alvey
Emigration Canyon I
Kevin Kehoe
High West High
John Bell
John W. Wood
Language of Intimacy
Levi Jackson
Smoke Screen
Lenka Konopasek
Strike 2
Jean Arnold
University: Ferrago
Daniel Everett