Looking for America

Looking for America

Dates: 8/29/2019 to 9/25/2019
Repository: Salt Lake City Public Lib...

What does it mean to be American? 
How do different communities—in the Midwest, at the border, in cities and in rural areas—answer that question? Across the United States, we’re inviting local artists and community members of all backgrounds and political stripes to come together to share their stories and perspectives. 

About Looking for America
A project of New American Economy, American University School of Public Affairs, and CuriosityConnects.us, Looking for America is a new initiative exploring immigration and American identity in six dynamic communities across the United States through public art, storytelling, and dialogue
In each community, Looking for America partners with local cultural institutions to curate art exhibitions featuring immigrant and U.S.-born artists who answer the question, “What does it mean to be American in your community?” Community members from different backgrounds and political identities are invited to engage with each exhibition and offer their own perspectives and stories over a shared meal.
Inspired by Philippa Hughes’ blueberries + cherries dinners that began in her home after the 2016 election, the project aims to understand how local culture and circumstance shapes political perspectives across the United States, and how we can build more constructive, humanizing dialogue at a time of increasing division and polarization across America. 

Looking for America features works from 8 artists who represent a variety of backgrounds, countries of origin, political perspectives, and art practices, but all answer the same question: What does it mean to be American in Salt Lake City? 

View the exhibit at The City Library from August 29 to September 25, 2019, and find additional information online at LookingForAmerica.us. 

The Art Reception will be on the Level 4 near the Fireplaces on Thurs, August 29, at 6:30pm - 8:30pm.

Andrew Alba: Level 4 by elevators

Fidalis Buehler: Lower Urban Room by elevators

Miguel Galaz: Level 3 fireplace

Jiyoun Lee-Lodge: Level 1 fireplace

Nancy Rivera: Level 1 fireplace 

Horacio Rodriguez: Level 4 fireplace

Jorge Rojas: Level 2 fireplace 

Xi Zhang: Level 4, south wall outside Gallery

Nancy Rivera
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