Moanikeala Revoir (1952 - )

When Moani Revoir moved to Utah as a teenager, she probably couldn’t have guessed that a service project weeding a neighbor’s garden would lead to a lifetime passion for the making quilts in the style of her native Hawaii.  But the skills she learned from that neighbor, led her to read books, study quilting in Hawaii, take classes and work on unfinished family quilts.  Today she is well-known as an expert Hawaiian quilter who has given numerous workshops in Utah and throughout the country.  Moani sews traditional whole cloth quilts, or kapa, made from two pieces of fabric, one cut into a design and appliqued upon the other, then quilted together with finely spaced stitching that follows the contours of the pattern.  As is the Hawaiian tradition, her beautiful Bird of Paradise quilt features an image borrowed from nature.

Moanikeala Revoir
Bird of Paradise Hawaii...