Cyrus Mejia (1947 - )


Cyrus Mejia contemporary artist, is co-founder of Best Friends Animal Society. Mejia believes art is activism, grabbing attention and shining light into darkness! His art reflects the ideals of kindness and compassion while shining a light on speciesism, ignorance and cruelty. 

When asked how he hoped his art would be remembered, one of the famous abstract expressionist painters said: "I hope my art will have as much impact on society as that of an old shoe" Cyrus Mejia does not follow this philosophy! He believes art does have an important role to play in our world, that: "Art can focus the attention and direct the emotions in ways no other medium can achieve". This idea is as old as human history. Art is sometimes the only thing left from pre-historic societies. The cave paintings, the carvings and pottery, tell us all we know about what went on thousands of years ago. And the artist/shaman was an important figure in ancient society. He/she told the story, created the myth, described the unknown, and pointed the way! This was not "art for art's sake" but art for life's sake! This is the art that Cyrus Mejia strives to create.

Courtesy of the artist's website

Cyrus Mejia
Horse Rock Retablo