Howard Kearns (1907 - 1947)

Howard LaSalle Kearns was born in Springville, Utah in 1907. He was a successful oil painter and watercolorist who painted landscapes in a rural regionalist style. He died in Salt Lake City in 1947.

Kearns studied under B. F. Larsen at Brigham Young University, at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco, and at the College of the Pacific in Stockton, California. He and artist-friends Gordon Cope and Hughes Curtis spent much of their time together.

After Kearns's death, Springville High School Art Gallery hosted an exhibition of 173 of his paintings. Among Kearns's paintings held in the Springville Museum of Art permanent collection are Hills Near Scipio (1947), an oil painting, H. Van Watkin's Ranch in Bluff, Utah (1940), an oil, and Mercur (1930), a woodcut.

Courtesy of University of Utah Marriott Library

Howard Kearns
Howard Kearns
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