Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Art

Liberty Park
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
The Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts is the only museum in the country dedicated to displaying a state-owned collection of contemporary folk art. It features objects made by living Utah artists from the state’s American Indian, rural, occupational and ethnic communities offering a snapshot of Utah’s contemporary culture and heritage. The Chase Home, built more than 150 years ago in a traditional hall-and-parlor style from adobe bricks, is a fine example of 19th century folk art.

The Native American gallery contains objects made by members of Utah's resident tribes, Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Shoshone and Ute, and by American Indians from out-of-state tribes who live in Utah. The gallery features beautiful beadwork, basketry, musical instruments, toys and rugs regularly made by Utah artists for use within their communities or for sale to collectors.

The Ethnic gallery features traditional art from a number of Utah's national, ethnic and immigrant communities. Displays range from Japanese origami, Chinese paper cuts and Mexican paper flowers and piñatas to Polynesian quilts, Swedish weaving and a variety of objects made from clay and wood. Objects are typically crafted for use at community celebrations or to decorate the home, reinforcing ethnic heritage and identity.

The Rural gallery features traditional art that reflects the challenging nature of rural culture and its concern with being productive, recycling useful materials and efficiently using all available time and resources. Braided, loomed, hooked and crocheted rugs, whittling and woodcarving, furniture made from local willow or pine and carved or welded miniature wagons are on display. Typically used to furnish and decorate one's home, they demonstrate the age-old need to produce objects of usefulness as well as beauty.

Occupational Gallery: Stonecarving, hand-forged tools and horseshoes, saddles and cowboy gear made from braided rawhide and hitched horsehair are featured in this gallery. Artists have learned these traditional skills from family members or co-workers and they produce objects that are functional, beautiful and very much like the work that has been produced by traditional craftsmen for centuries.

Richard J Van Wagoner
Elias Perez
Andean-style Flute (Que...
Diane Moffat
Armenian Heritage Sampl...
Shirley Kills-in-Sight
Beaded Basket with Lid
Marie Taveapont
Beaded Bracelet
Fabian Jenks
Beaded Collar and Neckt...
Nikolay Motro
Belarus Spinning Board
Moanikeala Revoir
Bird of Paradise Hawaii...
Jeff Freeze
Bosal with Hitched Hors...
Lynn Cuch
Brown and White Horseha...
Bob Ray
Buckaroo-style Saddle
Goreth Ntahizaniye
Burundian lidded basket...