Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs

Rio Grande 270 S Rio Grande St
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
The Office of Multicultural Affairs was created by executive order in January of 2012. Established within the Department of Heritage and Arts, the Office of Multicultural Affairs is charged with developing a culturally-diverse outreach program for all ethnic communities. The office recognizes the importance of developing relationships with the many different communities throughout Utah in order to achieve its important mission.

Ruby Chacon
Roselyn Yellowman
Doll cradleboard
Lillian Bear
Goshute Beaded Belt Buc...
Mollie Bonamont
Goshute Lidded Basket
Earl Denet
Hopi Deer Katsina
Homer Warren
Navajo Sandstone Truck ...
Mary Holiday Black
Navajo Yei's Vessel
Clarice Lopez
Northern Ute Women's Mo...
Jachelle Yazzie
Tree of Life