Pig Iron
Pig Iron

State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas

56 x 56

Rio Grande Depot



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In 2012 when this piece was painted, I was an unknown struggling artist wrought with doubt about this path I have chosen. I was painting in this little space above an auto repair shop that my brother let me use for free. I kept knocking on the doors of local galleries to represent me, but rejections were all I received. But I kept on swinging my brushes. With “Pig Iron”, there was much frustration and struggle because I just couldn’t get it right, the piece took on this color of bluish grey which is not my normal color palette. A fellow painter remarked it is a color of pig iron, hence, the title. I was not sure how I felt about this piece and had it leaning backwards_against the studio wall all this time except a brief period when it was shown at the Bountiful/Davis Art Center in 2012. Recently, I brought it out of obscurity, leaned it against the wall facing me. The beauty of the piece finally spoke to me and I decided to enter it in the 2014 State Competition. Now I consider myself emerging, struggling artist. The struggle will always follow me whether it is financial or internal.