State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Acrylic on canvas

64 x 34

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Cinema and Art: Subject and object, image and reality, language and perception. Both cinema and art share these ideas in an attempt to lure viewers into believing they are experiencing in some cases actual facts or events of what’s being represented.

Jean-Luc Godard famously claimed “cinema is truth at 24 frames per second”. To expand on that notion I think art and cinema tell lies in an attempt at truth. They invite viewers to abandon their convictions and explore the ambiguity of reality, blurring the lines between artistic creation and re-creation, fetish and authenticity.

This is illustrated in the work titled “JMB” an homage to Jean Michel Basquiat, which is a work of art made by one artist, portraying life and work of another artist, with images taken from a film about him where he is being played by an actor/artist, which was written and directed by yet another artist (Julian Schnabel), who coincidently has someone playing him in the film… all shot through the prism of the viewers perception. Who’s truth do you take away? Depends on how far down the rabbit hole you are willing to go and which reality you choose.