State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Mixed Media

Oil and acrylic on panel

78 x 90

Utah School & Institution...



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"My paintings reflect my fascination with the beauty found in the interaction between perception, painting, and the natural environment. Beauty is created when a composition achieves a balance within the tension between contrasting forms and stylistic representations. This tension emerges when a composition encompasses a myriad of formal elements. When the inner forces of the tension are particularly dynamic, a painting explodes with sensations; that is profound sentiments are produced from a clash between visual energies and stylistic descriptions.

Separate but interwoven fragments of representations provide the viewer with many ways to perceive a landscape. The various parts of my paintings can be viewed differently depending upon the focal point. As the viewer's focus changes, the separate fragments rearrange to form new, unified, patterns and spaces, causing him/her to perceive different realities. One's reality is thus formed by his/her perception, which is subsequently shaped by a multitude of different factors occurring simultaneously. Each of these factors is employed to alert the viewer of the existence of numerous perspectives and realities. Perception isn't exclusively molded by the visual experience. Psychological activity, both conscious and subconscious, stimulated through the emphasized use of abstract patterns, gestalt effects, and the illusions of after images and the entopic phenomena, equally shapes the viewer's reality."