Geomet Series #90
Geomet Series #90

Utah State Public Art Collection

Public Art Project



74" x 45" x 21"

Utah Department of Alcoho...


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The influences for the ‘Geomet Series” come from the Architecture and Artists that I have come across through my travels but my greatest influence comes from living in the west with the most grand and spectacular landscapes one can find on earth.

Starting with wood I create models of varying compositions. I am then able to scale up the designs, working in steel, to sizes suitable to the clients requirements, location and surrounding features of the site and the architecture.

These sculptures are investigations of shape, color and texture that define form and space. They are also studies of mass and balance both visual and implied. The emphasis is on the relationship between scale and proportion.
Although their shapes resemble natural geological forms as one might find in Arches or Zions National Parks, they are a metamorphosis of nature and man, which result in stone or crystal like forms. Fitting together, the shapes penetrate or lock into each other or impose on the others individual physical space, creating new forms where each shape grows from or supports another.
Texture as well as negative space can also be introduced to create a transparency or an optical illusion that makes some of the forms disappear and reappear or simply vibrate with energy. I have also found that by using Positive (solid) and Negative (hollow) forms together adds interest and intrigue to the outdoor pieces by allowing nature to create her own new compositions with snow. The snow adds a new element and creates new shapes and forms from the existing piece.
My goal, with each piece of work I create, is to enhance the imagination and the curiosity of the persons or groups of people who may come upon it, by offering an interesting and captivating visual experience that identifies the building or the neighborhood and invites the viewer to return.