Presidents Grove Landscape
Presidents Grove Landscape

Utah State Public Art Collection

Public Art Project

100' x 250'

Dixie College Presidents ...


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The goal was to create an environment that depicts an experience of man in harmony with nature through education. The artists designed a space that accommodates contemplation, relaxation, and engages the aesthetic senses. The concept and designs integrate into the grove rather unobtrusively, yet are worthy of
the attention keen enough to cause the viewer to take a moment to walk through and experience the grove and all that it holds for the viewer. Flowing concrete walls of varied height, width, and configuration and niches provide for the display of art work and plaques commemorating and/or honoring the college and its presidents. These walls also double as seating, gently retaining the sculpted berms to define circulation and create spaces. To emphasize the existing cedars found on the site, a trellis provides immediate shade for the seating below as well as spaces for special
recognition of key college supporters.