Manna From The Sky
Manna From The Sky

Utah State Public Art Collection


13' x 8' x 8'

Bridgerland ATC Expansion...


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The art selection committee included the following in the open call for artist's proposals:

The concept and design of this public art project should represent or complement the function of the newly remodeled health wing. The art selection committee envisions a work(s) to reflect or suggest the philanthropic and altruistic nature of the health care field.

"Manna from the Sky" as described by Barton Rubenstein:

"This sculpture, I feel, creates an exciting and dynamic environment for the new health wing. As the bible describes manna being dropped from the sky for the people of Israel to eat, symbolically, this sculpture lends itself to the idea that this center and new health wing provide opportunities for and nurturance of the goals and aspirations of the students who attend. Symbolically, as the falling manna was literally a godsend, this special center similarly provides an opportunity for adults and high school students to further their careers in a way that is extremely unique and rarely found. The presence of this symbolic sculpture may invoke a sense of appreciation and privilege among the student body and faculty. As this new wing is concerned with training individuals to become technicians in the health field, this sense of privilege and pride in helping others is perhaps more poignant."