The Dance of Creation
The Dance of Creation

Utah State Public Art Collection

Public Art Project

10' diameter x 24" on base 6' x 5' x 4'

Odgen-Weber ATC Manufactu...


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I believe my work, Dance of Creation is a fitting and complimentary work for the form and meaning of the Manufacturing Technology Building. It embodies the spirit of creation inherent in the making or manufacturing of any product of material.

There exists in Hindu art a sculpture that depicts the god Shiva dancing in the center of an open circle. This circle is an aureole of fire and represents the rhythm of the universe. Shiva's many arms hold a number of distinct and different objects, each signifying a unique act that his spirit is capable of accomplishing. The arms radiate from his body in a very dynamic way and evoke the image of a series of spokes emanating from a central hub. The title of this prototypical sculpture is Dance of Creation.

The circle of disc of Dance of Creation is punctured at its center by a smaller circle in the act of exploding outward. A series of spokes or energy spikes burst out toward the outer perimeter of the circle. Both the inner circle and spokes allow light to filter through the center of the work. They 'lighten' the mass and appearance of the large granite disc, and provide the central energy of the 'explosion.'

Symbolically, the circular image of the work represents may basic scientific, artistic and spiritual concepts concerning both creation and destruction. Without one there cannot be the other. The piece represents the very fabric of life, it reminds us of the form and energy of the sun. The sculpture relies on symbolism. It evokes the essential and basic nature of life, the balance of creation and destruction. It is forever and enduring. It is whole, complete."