Celestial Soda Pop Translation
Celestial Soda Pop Translation

Utah State Public Art Collection

Public Art Project

5 @ 4'6" x 9' and 5 @ 2'4" x 4'6"

Bennion Adult Deaf Rehab ...


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In 1991 the Public Art Program in conjunction with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Center released a call for entries from artist interested in creating a glass treatment for the corridor leading from the main lobby of the new building to the gymnasium.

Sharp created a unique interactive environment of glass and light, utilizing original designs in etched and carved glass, combined with machine-textured glass in five window panels for the corridor. Sharp said: “I believe that well integrated design, which incorporates the imagery of spirited, graphic symbology and metaphor can create an expression of the interior landscape and the universal themes of our everyday lives. In that genre, the design concept was to create sand-etched visual narrative of a musical piece - to depict the feeling of music, graphically, a sort music for the eyes. The musical piece the work is based on is Celestial Soda Pop performed, composed, and produced by Ray Lynch. The piece both embodies the concept of interaction and invites vivid visual depiction in glass. Energetic patterns and visual images rich with messages are conveyed in etched glass by weaving universal symbolism and metaphor. The design utilizes an exciting play on contrast between basic geometric forms and the fluid and organic flow of forms of nature, evoking the emotion and feeling of a spontaneous celebration of life. Reflecting the mood and spirit of the vitality of the life force itself. Calling forth a great sense of joyful aliveness, depicting a lyrical and rhythmic feeling of movement that is inherent in this music; upbeat, fresh, and contemporary but timeless and livable as the musical piece suggests; “When the heart is filled with joy, the emotions soar.”