Blood Ties
Blood Ties

State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Embroidery on chiffon




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Chiffon semi-transparent fabric embroidered with varying colors of thread in long and short lines from top center down and to the left at upper quadrant and to the right at an angle down to lower right and to the lower left. The fabric is sandwiched at top and bottom by slats of white painted wood.

"Blood Ties is an embroidery work of the multiple track system snaking their way across our state. Each color of thread indicates the different segments built throughout the history of Utah's railways both currently in service and retired. You can see how our cities connect to each other and the lines running to places that are now ghost towns. The base is polyester chiffon which is a modern substitute for silk which references the more than 12,000 Chinese laborers who worked on the Central Pacific line. It's size and frame is reminiscent of an old familiar school map but it also functions on a larger scale to show our impact across miles of terrain." Alison Neville