The Machinists
The Machinists

State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas

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Vertical painting with large yellow Union Pacific locomotive dominating the left half of the canvas. Three figures in the foreground with large group of workers in yellow vests and hard hats mid to back ground. Created for the exhibition: Transcontinental: People – Place – Impact – at the Rio Gallery, Salt Lake City, 2019.

“As a senior at West High School, my auto mechanics teacher took us to a locomotive repair shop in North Salt Lake. The engine was huge, bigger than a full-sized Cadillac – the cylinders seemed 16 inches in diameter. That impression has stayed with me, and it has been fascinating to make a painting of this subject for this show. I saw men working in the background, so small, like ants near a giant caterpillar. Mechanics make the railroad function, they are the soul of machinery and engineering that make the rails work, and are rarely seen.” Ken Baxter