East of Lucin - North of Rabbit Springs
East of Lucin - North of Rabbit Springs

State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Acrylic on canvas

48 x 36

Scott M Matheson Courthou...



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Horizontal landscape painting with large foreground of varying colors of vegetation and variations in soil color. At the top middle background / horizon is a dominating stone butte framed by deep blue sky.

A few miles northeast of Lucin, Utah, which was one of the vital water filling stations for the wood burning steam engine of the Central Pacific Railroad coming from the West, and a few miles north of the original railroad route, is this small butte. It is closer to the original location of Lucin, which was a few miles north of where the ghost town of Lucin is now located. The butte was not of any special significance, just another of the many small grey-brown buttes and isolated mountains the railroad workers would have seen as they entered the Utah Territory making their way east across a desert of sage, small grasses, salt pan basins, and scattered juniper trees. The quiet, rarified, and stark beauty of the West Desert may not have appealed to many, but I hope some found a solace in this land as they labored ever eastward.