Queer in Utah
Queer in Utah

State of Utah Alice Merrill Horne Art Collection


Inkjet print

30 x 20

Glendinning Mansion



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Inkjet print of an interior space of a living room. Two casually dressed men are sitting on the couch, one with his arms around the other. The other man is sitting with his legs crossed with one hand on the other man’s knee. Both men are looking forward to the viewer. The room is painted beige and has a few other objects such as orange accent pillows and a shelving unit displaying framed photos. Above the couple hanging on the wall there is a framed photo of the Salt Lake LDS temple with orange flowers in the foreground.

Artist’s Statement about this work:
"As an Iranian female, artist, and photographer, politics have defined my life. Fascinated by human interest stories and what they tell us about society, I started my career as a photojournalist in Iran. By witnessing the struggles of people around me, my work started evolving from an observer to an active participant in trying to highlight and deal with the political and social issues of my surroundings. Back in Iran, my focus lied extensively within the issues of gender inequality and segregation as well as the loss of identity within Iranian culture. After coming to the United States, I consistently observed similar social struggles, which enforced my feelings to continue raising awareness of social and political issues both domestically and across the borders. My photography is a combination of a theoretical and historical understanding of space combined with the creation of human interest stories which results out of my own observations and experiences."