Eternal South
Eternal South

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George S. and Dolores Dor...


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As artists we have long been fascinated by the enigma of the Great Salt Lake. We wanted to make a symbolic tribute to the eternal southern migration that presages the coming of winter. This movement of life from south to north to back again predates human arrival in the New World and in fact predates the emergence of our species. We wanted to create a monument to that endless cycle to give visitors an opportunity to imagine the oceans of time stretching out before and after them, the countless birds that have flown the sky they stand under as they look at the art piece and contemplate the the critical nature of the lake to this pattern of life.

The three rising forms represent Firculae, or avian wishbones, critical for flight. They rise above the marsh like a flock of birds taking flight on their arduous journey. The piece points directly south, directing the visitor’s eye toward the horizon that is just the first of many mile posts on the long flight south.