Utah Division of State History - Cemeteries and Burials
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Why can't I find the cemetery or name I'm looking for?
This an ongoing project. The database contains cemetery records for about 600,000 people buried in Utah, but we continue to add Utah cemeteries and burials to the database. Try a different name spelling; Try just the first part of a name, or just the first letter of the first name; Try the maiden name; Go to the List of Cemeteries to see if the cemetery is included in the database yet. Remember, the database is not yet complete, and we are continuing to add information.

I get an error telling me the database is down. What happened?
You are probably trying to access the site from an old bookmark or favorite. Type "cemeteries.utah.gov" directly into your browser bar. Then update your bookmark with this new location.

I found the person I'm looking for, but the database doesn't have the information I need.
You can find only cemetery records on the database - not all the information available about a person! You will need to search other places to find more information.

I found an error in the database. What should I do?
Contact the cemetery involved so that they can make the correction in their database. They will then upload the corrected data to our database. If the cemetery is abandoned and unmanaged, please contact Kevin Fayles at 801-245-7254. Be prepared to provide appropriate documentation, such as a photo of the headstone, or copy of the birth or death certificate, showing the information to be corrected. You can get contact information for cemetery management offices by clicking on the name of the cemetery in a burial record.

How often do you update the latest burials?
At this time, we don't update the database on a regular basis. Currently the project is focusing on getting records from every cemetery. Once that is accomplished, updates will occur.